The Beauty of Charcoal

Rachel Nelson Uncategorized

In 14 years of skincare, I’ve seen quite a few trends in skincare come and go.  However, the renewed love for charcoals and clays is a trend I’ve always loved…and activated charcoal is back!  Applied externally, activated charcoal especially will ADSORB toxins.  This means that much of the gunk we don’t want in unhealthy skin sticks to the surface of the charcoal.  When the charcoal is removed, toxins and bacterial overgrowth go with it leading the way to a healthier, clearer skin.

Is charcoal for everyone?  Not necessarily.  Conditions like higher grade acne are an obvious go.  But for many people with an occasional breakout here or there, charcoal might be a better choice for spot treatment of their blemishes.  Kaolin clay based masks provide a milder but still detoxifying treatment for more normal skins.  Remember that we do want some of our friendly flora and natural oils to do their job to create a healthy skin barrier.

At Purely Skin, I’m fortunate to have some excellent products of choice.

#1  Eminence released it’s Balance collection featuring a mask that contains activated charcoal and alternatively one enhanced with clay…all in one.  This can pave the way to healthier skin in a professional facial.  You can extend the benefits by using it at home as well.

#2 Another favorite is dermaviduals Enzyme Peel featuring exfoliating enzymes in a base of kaolin clay.  A truly an all-in-one treatment, we gently exfoliate, detox and calm the skin with no downtime.

Asking an esthetician for a skin analysis to help you decide if this is for you or not is my best recommendation.  Book your Deep Clean treatment here.