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Take a skin type test before you jump on the BB Cream bandwagon

Rachel Nelson Makeup, Skincare

Is BB Cream right for you?

Is BB Cream right for you?

BB Cream is a form of tinted moisturizer made most popular through the recent worldwide explosion of Korean pop culture. We’ve all heard about the self-proclaimed health benefits and versatility of the product. For the wrong skin type, however, BB Cream could do more harm than good.

One size does not fit all. The same goes for beauty creams, according to Los Angeles-based Celebrity Dermatologist Dr. Harold Lancer.

BeautyLish describes BB Cream as a combination of moisturizer, primer, sunscreen, foundation, and anti-aging cream. This could seem promising if you’re looking for all these things in one product. But look before you leap!

Would it really make sense to apply pore-clogging primer to acne prone skin? Or, to use standard greasy sunscreen on sensitive skin or oily skin? Think about it.

A single advanced skin analysis session at Purely Skin is the ultimate skin type test. Not only will this in-depth examination determine your skin type, but it is also the first step toward developing a personalized skin care routine.

Bring along any skin or hair products you are currently using. If BB Cream or even your shampoo is less than ideal for your skin, we’ll find out. We will even be able to recommend the best foundation or best facial cleanser for your skin.

Stop guessing! Set a date for an advanced skin analysis today.

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