Facial Eczema Treatment

Purely Skin’s Facial Eczema Treatments

In the esthetic treatment of eczema and dermatitis skin conditions, Purely Skin uses high quality targeted skincare products and methods to help restore the skin to proper and healthy function.  By supplementing and restoring a proper barrier to the skin, relief of the most common complaints of itching and inflammation may be relieved.

Specific conditions of this type such as atopic dermatitis may be managed but recur due to intrinsic weaknesses in the skin barrier systems.  This is often associated with asthma, hay fever, allergies and certain gastrointestinal disorders.  Proper care and management of the skin may help to decrease the recurrence of symptoms.

Our advanced skin treatments using LED Light Therapy and Microcurrent optimize rapid improvement in symptoms of eczema skin. 

Advanced skincare products from dermaviduals provide the biomimetic Dermal Membrane Structure (DMS) that effectively reinforces the permeability barrier of the skin. dermaviduals active concentrates provide aide to the skin barrier systems of the epidermis to improve symptoms and regain health.

Treatments including LED Light Therapy and Manual Lymphatic Drainage aide in achieving not only improvement in symptoms but also a more highly functioning skin.  Why is this important?  The more highly the skin functions and is properly supplemented, the more rare flare ups may become.  These two treatments may be used separately or in tandem.

If you are under medical care, our facial eczema treatments do not interfere with your course of medical treatment.


What Is Eczema Skin?

Eczema is the general term for inflammatory and itchy conditions of the skin.  Skin conditions commonly known that fall under this general condition include atopic dermatitis, contact dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis and neurodermatitis. In all cases, the skin is itchy and red, may be rashy and in some cases can even have blisters, weeping and peeling.  Scratching of the eczema skin often causes secondary infections.

While eczema is a condition that can be treated, it always has the potential to reoccur.

It is not clear why people develop eczema but individuals often have other conditions such as hay fever, asthma and allergies.  Often, we can trace this condition back to other family members which indicates a genetic factor.  There is research that shows various degrees of genetically programmed deficiencies in specific enzymes, especially fillagrin, of the epidermis that results in poor skin barrier function.

In healthy skin, the epidermal cells, keratinocytes, proliferate (multiply) and differentiate (mature) in such a way that the multiple barriers that perform to protect us are present and synchronized in the stratum corneum.  With eczema, the resulting structure is incomplete offering very poor protection. Too much water is lost from the body to the environment, leaving dry and often flaking patches.  Too many environmental aggressors are able to penetrate and cause damage to the skin often resulting in inflammatory conditions and infection.

Eczema may flare and become symptomatic from something as simple as stress or exposure to various allergens.

If you’d like help with your itchy and red skin, schedule your Skin Analysis today or move straight to treatment with an Advanced Skin Treatment or Manual Lymphatic Drainage.

At Purely Skin, we look forward to working with you toward symptom free skin.