Dry Skin Care

Facials For Dry Skin

Purely Skin is proud to offer effective dry skin treatments. Dry skin refers to the amount of oil we produce on the skin. Many people associate dryness with dehydration. However, if the oil levels are optimal, the water content of the skin is most often healthy.

“Facials for dry skin can effectively eliminate the symptoms of dry skin and normalize skin function.”

Clients are often genetically disposed to dry skin. This skin type is called LIPID (oil) DRY. Certainly, as we age there is a natural progression toward a decrease in the oil production of the skin resulting in increased dryness. For aged and sun damaged skin, the risk in letting this go untreated is increased breaks in and over penetration of the skin by external substances. Both lead to risk of inflammation and infection.

When deciding how to treat dry skin, there are many instances in which use of inappropriate or aggressive products induce this condition. A review of current product use and personal hygiene can illuminate the source of dry skin. Correction to high quality professional products that restore both water and oil content to the skin recreates a healthy skin barrier. Dry skin facials are very rewarding since they provide almost immediate relief and a smooth, dewy complexion once again.


How To Treat Dry Skin on Face and Body

Our facials for dry skin will boost oil levels on the skin. Creamy cleansers are used to begin the process of softening the skin and increasing lipid levels. Exfoliants such as lactic acid, glycolic acid, and enzymes help to slough off the upper layers of the skin. This creates a smooth feel to the skin and increases efficacy of the active ingredients applied afterward. Facial massage is a great tool for aiding in the uptake of serums and masks as well as lubricating the surface. Massage also activates the skin and encourages circulation. Lipid rich moisturizers help to mimic a healthy barrier to the skin.

Natural oils are paramount. Often products for dry skin care have included mineral oils and petroleum products. These ingredients are not recognized by the body. Although they feel smooth to the touch on dry skin, they actually interfere with intrinsic water and oil levels in the skin. Many are comedogenic and can lead to break outs in dry skin.

Dry body brushing are optimal dry skin treatments for the body. Before bathing, clients use a natural bristle brush on dry skin using small strokes from the tips of fingers and toes moving toward the heart. This stimulates circulation of the lymphatic system (associated with our immune system) and gently exfoliates the skin. After bathing, a natural oil is rubbed into the skin as a moisturizer. Contrary to belief, the oil quickly settles into the skin and generally is not greasy. Essential oils can be added to the oil for therapeutic benefit or simply for fragrance. For those that love their current body lotion, oil can be mixed with it for improvement in dry skin.