Acne Facials

Acne Facials Help Clear Skin

Acne facials are as diverse and unique to each person with this skin condition. Did you know that acne could occur in both dry skin and oily skin? Did you know that you can create and worsen acne with the wrong skincare or skincare treatments? Have you tried everything and had your acne continue to return?


What do you do when you have tried it all without success? I have more than 10 years of experience offering facials for acne and will work with you down the right path to manage your acne. I want to help you create a clear and healthy complexion.

Acne facial treatments at Purely Skin aim to clear the skin with the least amount of damage possible. Proper cleansing and exfoliation is performed for your skin type. Extractions may be performed when appropriate to further cleanse the skin of impurities and allow healing to occur. Masking is particularly beneficial to this skin type, not only bringing balance to the skin, but also controlling inflammation, and encouraging healing of the skin.


Do Facials For Acne Work?

Our acne program is a well-rounded approach to correcting acne and maintaining the health and integrity of your skin.

With the help of Advanced Skin Analysis, each client will receive a variety of reasons why they may be suffering from acne and the degree of severity of the acne. This analysis informs our plan of action and is one of the reasons that our acne facial treatments work.

Many of the products and acne facial treatments on the market are harmful to the skin. They may clear acne but often wipe out the barriers of defense that keep skin otherwise healthy. The most common injury easily seen specifically in darker skin types is hyperpigmentation and uneven marks. This can be avoided with the right tools and products.

Purely Skin’s high-quality skincare products and professional technology tools work in harmony to clear your skin of acne. We also have access to alternative approaches to acne like targeted peptide treatments. Not only do we provide professional extractions during our facials for acne, but we also offer Advanced Skin Treatment tools such as High Frequency, LED Light Therapy, and Microcurrent to enhance and speed clearing and healing of the skin.

We are not interested in providing you with a “band-aid” treatment for your acne. We will work with you to identify the physiological reasons you may be experiencing acne and will provide a full program to manage your skin.