Tick Tock Goes the Aging Clock

Rachel Nelson Uncategorized

How do you feel when you look in the mirror?  Does it send you spinning into panic mode?  Who is that person staring back?  In our heart of hearts we are still 20 something…30 something.  My last birthday was my 46th, and let me tell you, there is now a woman staring back at me instead of a girl.  There are new lines and wrinkles, new dark spot, sagging cheeks and some unruly hairs where they shouldn’t be.  Sound familiar?

Aging has so many implications in our society.  As a skincare therapist and licensed esthetician, I constantly reevaluate my own stance on the topic.  Recently, I read a magazine article purporting to reveal the skincare secrets to more youthful looking skin.  It was a great disappointment to me to find a long list of medical interventions from injectables to deep peels to laser…or any combination.  Every person for themselves.  But, the condition of the skin itself is most often either totally forgotten or totally overworked.  And there is indeed a price to such aggressive treatment.  Neither works to create a beautiful face going forward in the world.

This weekend, I came across a book that was like a breath of fresh air:  The Longevity Book.

longevity book image

This is the second in line promoted by Carmen Diaz on understanding the workings of the body and now, understanding aging.  Now, I don’t know her history and what she’s “had done,”  but I’m excited that she is opening up a new dialogue on aging and beauty.  I hope you’ll read the book and listen to what Carmen has to say especially in the opening of the book.  As she says,”If you’re not aging, you’re dead.”  And “aging is a privilege that not everybody gets.”

The idea is to age gracefully.  To stop being terrified at the signs of age.  To stop hating those lines and wrinkles and spots.

This means not that we stop caring about our health but exactly the opposite.  We start loving ourselves and start caring for the skin we’re in.  In skincare this means different things to different people.  But for me and for my skincare practice, this means

  • pleasure in the care vs suffering through the treatments,
  • nourishment to the skin through massage and topical applications,
  • preservation, protection and strengthening of the skin to perform optimally,
  • and improved self confidence.

As an esthetician, my goal is to be the crew team for your skin.  The skin itself must be treated and maintained in order to have the healthy glow.  We’ve all seen the facelift leaving a face looking lifted but still old and wrinkled.  Please address the skin!  And do it from an early age.  And teach your children to care for themselves instead of fighting what they see.

As was said to me a long time ago and still makes sense, why buy a Ferrari and park it outside to weather?  We get only one body but many chances to care for a forgiving and responsive body.  Proper skincare and healthy skin is not an extravagance but a necessity in the graceful effort at aging.