The Nose Knows…For the Love of Aromatherapy

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Many of you know by now of my love of oils.  Essential oils.  Vegetables oils both exotic and mundane.  Herbal infused oils.  Hydrosols.   Herbs and plants.  Aromatherapy in its many forms.  As humans, we have used plants as support for our bodies both as food and medicine since the beginning of time.  Our modern pharmaceuticals are often guided by and derived from plants.  Initial ideas for drugs begin with folk medicine and become more and more refined, more specific over time turning into your prescription drugs.

And yet, here we are in a world full of pharmaceuticals, but often lacking solutions.

What brought aromatherapy back into focus for me, you ask? Why at Purely Skin?

#1 Skin problems.  Unsolvable, acute and chronic skin problems.  Acne.  Rosacea.  Very dry skin.  Red bumps.  Itchy patches.  Peeling and scaling.  Sensitive skin.  Very few of us escape skin problems of some sort in our lives.

#2 Skin barrier research and application.   Our skin is a world unto itself.  It protects us, senses the world around us and expresses a response.  Our nervous system and immune system not only act as part of the greater bodies systems but also have mini systems within the skin itself-nature’s backup plan.   Not only can we develop contact dermatitis from something we touch, but also can eczema and psoriasis break out from inner turmoil.  Our skin works from the outside in and the inside out.

You can see that skincare solutions are often tricky.  Our physical bodies are complicated.  No one solution fits all.

We can address skincare with topical products, but we also need to address underlying complications that drive the problems.  Very, very often this is stress.  STRESS.

Aromatherapy offers 2 for 1 solutions in many cases.  Not only may an essential oil treat the infection and healing of acne but also balance stress levels and hormonal imbalances in the body.  It might calm a sensitive, reddened skin and also calm the mind.  Aromatherapy is an alternative approach to healing and wellness.

Many people think essential oils are a bit woowoo…right in there with incense.  I ask you to open your minds.  It really should be call Essential Oil Therapy.  Our whole body responds to essential oils.  There are studies that show the impact of the essential oils even when people can’t smell them…and with targeted therapy efforts when we can.  The compounds in essential oils travel through our bodies, through our nose and lungs and through our skin, swirling through the bloodstream and crossing the blood-brain barrier to the brain.  They are POWERFUL substances.

Out of the utmost respect to these powerful essential oils and my clients, I have been working toward certification as a certified aromatherapist for a couple of years now.   Let’s use them safely! Many of you have been open to essential oil solutions I’ve offered.  Thank you!  We have inhaled, applied oils blends, mixed hydrosols into masks, and tested my hypotheses.  Thank you!  The results have been wonderful.

What’s new then at Purely Skin?

  • I’m now offering essential oils by Oshadhi at Purely Skin.  This gives you the option to purchase them directly in town when you need them, versus ordering and waiting.
  • We’ve had one fun class exploring essential oils and will be offering more.
  • You will see blog posts about single essential oils that are on offer here or are in use at Purely Skin.  Let our education and discussion begin!

The nose knows…and really, the skin knows too.  Please join me in my quest for essential oil solutions at Purely Skin.