Anti-Aging Facials

Purely Skin’s Anti-Aging Facials

Anti-aging facials at Purely Skin are designed to stimulate the skin to its greatest potential without injury or damage.

“Our anti-aging treatments utilize expert touch and high technology to begin urging the skin toward rebuilding.”


Specific techniques in massage may encourage relaxation of tight muscles where deep furrows form and provide re-oxygenation and revitalization of tired muscles where sagging occurs. High technology in skincare products provides the nourishment the skin needs for repair and rebuilding. Finally, the option of advanced skin treatments introduces the use of tools such as LED Light Therapy and Microcurrent to take your anti-aging treatments to the next level.

Successful anti-aging skin care achieves results by addressing the needs of both the skin and its supporting structures. You emerge with immediate results of radiant and glowing skin. You control longer term results with commitment to a high quality home care regimen and continued anti-aging treatments.


Anti-Aging Treatments Are Organic, All Natural

Our goal at Purely Skin is to give you the healthiest anti-aging treatments available. Eminence Organic Skincare is one answer. Eminence has created an organic product line to create change in the skin without harmful and damaging chemicals. These products are highly concentrated and made in small batches with low heat to maintain the integrity of the vitamins, enzymes and antioxidants that feed the skin.

One special anti-aging treatment by Eminence is the spicy paprika treatment. This spice stimulates blood flow to the skin bringing with it oxygen and fresh nutrients and taking toxins away. Followed by massage and revitalizing masks, you will emerge pink and glowing after this anti-aging skin care treatment.