Peeling Pointers. Microdermabrasion vs. Dermaplaning

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I’ve recently hit the mark of being in the skincare business for 16 years.  Yes, that’s right…16 years!  And I still love it every time somebody walks in my door for a treatment.  To celebrate this anniversary, I have added a whole load of treatments to my service offerings including more peels.

Winter is the perfect time to peel and now even the most sensitive skin has options.  Do you want to lighten, brighten and rejuvenate your skin?

Welcome to your new options of Diamond Microdermabrasion and Dermaplaning.  These are both esthetic,  mechanical (non-acid, non-chemical) exfoliations to peel away the dull, dry outer layer of skin.   Both treatments help with the surface build up of skin that is the cause of so many complexion sorrows including dullness, devitalized grayish color, uneven color, hyperpigmentation, sun damage, acne and acne scarring.  There is no downtime with either peel option.

Both treatments have anti-aging benefits.  The exfoliation triggers a wound healing response in the skin and results in the increased production of collagen.  Lines and wrinkles are diminished when more collagen pads the skin.  In like, acne scars of both pigment and depth loss are diminished.  Both are best done in a series, if you wish to accomplish anti-aging benefits.  Neither can be performed over active acne with pustules and are risky at best on truly active rosacea (this does not mean flushers and blushers).

So how do you choose?


Industry favorite for peeling away dull skin.

Microdermabrasion is essentially a way of buffing the skin.We are skipping messy crystal microdermabrasion and going straight to Diamond Microdermabrasion.   No sandy gritty feeling here.    The diamond tip moves gently over the skin, exfoliating as it goes.  At the same time, suction pulls away the cells that are releasing off the skin leaving a smoother texture and brighter, more even tone.

This treatment is a good all around treatment for thick, rough and uneven skin.  The intensity of the treatment can be customized to each person by adjusting the diamond tip, the amount of suction and the number of passes taken over each section of the face, decollete or hands.   It can easily be added to most facial options or can stand alone.

Schedule the simple Microdermabrasion treatment to achieve your peel, or the Microdermabrasion Plus.  The “Plus” heightens the treatment with the addition of a treatment mask for calming and boosting hydration for a glowing complexion.

If you have ultra sensitive skin, “broken capillaries”, bruise easily, or darker skin color, check out Dermaplaning.



My own Dermaplaning experience ending in a fresher and brighter look.

Dermaplaning is a unique service.  For this peel, a specialized blunted blade is used to carefully “shave” off the upper most layer of skin.  As a bonus, all the soft, fuzzy vellous hair that drives us crazy is removed with the same strokes.  Sounds crazy but leaves a beautiful and glowing complexion!  Without any peach fuzz to get in the way, make up applies smoothly and evenly, often requiring less for the same look and effect.

This peel is ideal for any shade of skin – a bonus since many peels risk actually darkening the skin of darker skin types.

Dermaplaning can be customized for your skin by controlling the number of passes over each section of the skin.  It does not use suction at any point and therefore does not create issues with “broken capillaries” or risk bruising.  Dermplaning is confined to the face, a small and specific area of the neck, and hands.   There is no discomfort or downtime with this peel.

This peel is especially ideal for dull, dry, uneven, sun damaged and aging skin.   This can be a great option for sensitive skin.

Please read the reviews before you are tempted purchase any do-it-yourself kits.  Having had this done (see my picture above), and trained on others, there is no effective home kit to get these results.  This is not the same as shaving for anybody who is asking themselves that question.

Dermaplaning can be added to customized facials or stand alone.  Schedule the Dermaplaning treatment to achieve your peel, or the Dermaplaning Plus.  The “Plus” heightens the treatment with the addition of a treatment mask for calming and boosting hydration for a glowing complexion.