Making the Case For Going Green with Skincare

Rachel Nelson Skincare, Standard

Long ago I made the decision to provide “green” skincare in a “green” environment to my clients. This translates most largely as the choice of skincare treatment via plants and whenever possible, organic plants. Plant extracts, plant pulps, essential oils, hydrosols, etc.

I’m lucky to live in the Northwest where there is a great demand for “green” living. Plants have not gone out of vogue here. But when I travel, I find that this is not true in many places. So here is my case for going green.

#1 Plants have been around longer than we have. They have developed amazing, intricate and finely tuned defenses that allow them to survive a challenging environment. This in itself is something to learn from and to benefit from.

#2 Plants are a resource of “active ingredients” that when applied in or on our bodies, create change in us. Research leading to finished pharmaceuticals and “active ingredients” usually begins with a plant. Usually one that has been used over centuries by the natives of the land where it grows. First, scientists provide proof that the plant does indeed do what it is purported to do. Then, they look at the various compounds in that plant and begin to prove what does what. And lastly they tease out and isolate specific compounds for their specific effects on the body. These then are made synthetically in a controlled fashion for controlled use – simplification of a very complicated process resulting in pharmaceuticals and active ingredients for skincare.

#3 The active ingredients found in plants are together for a reason. In their effects, they can be additive (2+2=4), synergistic (2 squared = 4), or balancing/antagonistic (6-2=4). When we separate these compounds in the name of science and progress, we often lose the greater impact of synergy and gain unwanted side effects.

Plant-based skincare deserves a solid place in the treatment of our skin. The “go heavy and go hard,” “if it doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t help” style of skincare has a price over time. Sensitive and damaged skin has become a huge problem. After all, why would so many over the counter companies create so many products to calm the redness, itching, and flaking?  For most synthetic heavy hitters, there is a plant that results in similar skin changes but with fewer side effects.

So for my last point,

#4 Why not choose skincare that feels and smells wonderful? Why not have something that becomes more of a pleasure and less of a duty?

Plants are our allies. Both Eminence Organics, a fully organic line full of vital plant resources and dermaviduals, a therapeutic and highly targeted line, offer multitudes of choices.  Stop suffering through your skincare and start enjoying it!