Lift off years with Korean Beauty Anti-Aging Solutions

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These days, beauty treatments are being taken to the extreme.  Fat cells are being transferred.  Stem cells are shifted to new places to do their work.  Laser blaze away at the skin.  Almost always pain is part of the deal.  Most of my clients are curious but most are also put off by the needles, acids and lasers….

Enter some game changers:  No Needle Filler Treatment with Sculplla and Lift and Firm Treatment – for both the face AND neck.  No downtime and no pain.

No Needle Filler Treatment for the Face and Neck

Filler Effects with NO NEEDLES?  That means no pain and no downtime.  That’s right.  Harnessing the power of poly-L lactic acid, this treatment takes the star ingredient used in the Sculptra injectable filler and puts it in serum form with powerful stem cell extracts to be applied over the face and neck and infused into the skin with a special fabric like material.  If you have lines, wrinkles and sagging skin,  this treatment can take off years.  The Koreans made an amazing video to show how Sculplla works.  View it here.



State of the art Korean Beauty

After your Sculplla mask cures completely, the fabric is lifted off the skin to reveal plumper, tighter and lifted skin. 

Infusing poly-L lactic acid into the skin gives both an immediate anti-aging effect but also, best of all, promotes longer term collagen production and improvement of the quality of the skin.  Two for the price of one. 

This treatment has research behind it too.  For many years it has been used in the medical industry for things like coating the thread used to make stitches in the skin, and for injectable fillers.  For any interested readers, one study about its effectiveness topically in aiding scarring that came my way is here:

Lift and Firm Treatment for the Face and Neck

If you’ve ever complained about the rapidly fallling face or turkey neck that stare back at you in the mirror, this star Korean beauty treatment is the one for you.  It’s truly beautiful.  The key words are:

Elasticity  +   Volume  +   Lifting

The star ingredients found here are powerful peptides, thread collagen, and colloidal gold.  A message to us straight out of the literature says it all,

“The thread collagen is gradually absorbed to maximize the effect of skin regeneration and improvement of the complexion, and stimulates the dermis layer in the opposite direction of sagging skin to give a powerful tightening effect.  The nanoized colloidal gold ingredient helps the skin’s ion action, helping promote generation.”

All that aside, I can attest to the deep hydration, stimulation and lifting effect that leaves you looking amazing.  Its relaxing to receive.  No pain.  It is beautiful when combined with the extra lift of microcurrent.

Here’s the scoop.  Both of these anti-aging treatments create effective change with just one treatment.  If you have any event coming up, plan a treatment to help you look your best.  However, the longer lasting results come out of a series of treatments and require maintenance.  For those of you not quite ready for the needle, consider these amazing anti-aging treatment option.  Schedule online today.