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Rachel Nelson licensed esthetician

Rachel Nelson, Licensed Esthetician

Are you here looking for help with your skin?  Are you overwhelmed by the options available in the skincare industry?  Are you unsure who to trust for advice?  Join the millions of people all over the world trying to make their way through the mass of information.   I specialize in your skin.  I train and practice to help you achieve your skincare goals with less confusion, more clarity and more trust in the process. Say goodbye to guessing and hello to skincare results.  I help you to put your best face forward.


I definitely started on the common path as a high school graduate but then took the road less traveled.  And it has brought me to a very happy place.  I graduated from college in 1991 with a Bachelor of Arts with emphasis in Biology in hand.  I loved life sciences and wanted to explore becoming a physician.  After being lucky enough to follow some doctors through their rounds and even surgeries, it was clear to me that this was not the path for me.  However, I stayed on in a medical practice worked my way through filing (yes, that was before the digital age), front desk and then medical assisting spent mainly in cardiology, with a few years mixed in of family practice and OB/GYN.  I was the one who hooked up your EKG, ran your treadmill test and even gave you or your child their injections.  In the end, I moved into the role of managing the clinical research division in a cardiology practice.

This was all great fun…however, western medicine wore very thin for me over those 11 years.  But my take away message was my love of caring for people and my fascination with the science of our bodies.  My breakthrough moment came during a facial gifted to me.  My esthetician listened patiently to the outpouring of my heart and said….why don’t you become an esthetician?  The light bulb went off!  Caring for people in a positive setting where people are happy to see you!  And, in the way that they do with the right decision, the stars lined up.

I wanted complementary and alternative practices for wellness to be my focus in skincare.  Enter the Euro Institute of Skincare.  This school just happened to be fairly close to the city of Dupont, WA which would become my new home in a long distance move from California.  So I signed up and enjoyed every minute of my esthetics training.  In addition to gaining a fantastic education in European and modern skincare practices, we learned Ayurveda, Aromatherapy and body treatments as well.  I emerged from school in 2002 licensed and ready to practice.  I’ve never looked back.

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From the beginning I chose to work in settings that allowed me to set my own business practices.   My goal is to provide high touch yet high tech advice and services.  You deserve results achieved by the healthiest means possible.

#1  Your skin is my priority.  It has only become clearer over the years, that each person is unique and deserves unique and individualized skincare.  We always make time to consult and analyze your skin before beginning any treatment plan.  No two facials are the same!

#2  Wellness is top priority.  Commitment to natural and top quality skincare is paramount.  A glowing and vital skin is a healthy one!

  • Both skincare treatments and skincare products are aligned toward health and wellness of the skin.  Non-injury methods of practice are used as often as possible to achieve that glowing complexion.  Refer to Eminence Organics and dermaviduals skincare.  See LED Light Therapy and Microcurrent.  See MLD.
  • Enjoy a small, personal, and private setting where you can reset, relax and renew.  Take a break from the stress that is so prominent in our lives.

#3  Results are paramount!  Commitment to progressive education and training in the skincare field allows me to offer you the best care.  I hope to bring you the latest and greatest of evolving skincare knowledge and practices that fit these values.  See Corneotherapy.   I continue to take training and have also begun training other estheticians in the last few years.

You’re invited to nurture beauty and wellness in your life.  I am so thankful to spend my days in this pursuit and look forward to working with you.  Book your session today!



A licensed esthetician is a skin care specialist that will give you both a spa experience and a therapeutic solution to your skincare concerns.

In Washington, licensed estheticians undergo months of schooling and hands-on training in the study of skin.  This education provides you with a skin care specialist who understands the function and working of the skin.  With an education in various skin conditions, a licensed esthetician can help you find the answers to your skincare questions and concerns.  A skin care specialist is licensed to use facial massage techniques to apply skincare products to the skin and use various tools to aide in skincare. Attention to your concerns as well as hands on evaluation and understanding of your skin leads to the appropriate skincare.

A licensed esthetician:

  • Listens to your concerns and take the time to understand your particular situation and story.
  • Evaluates and treats you as a unique individual.
  • Helps you understand the newest products and treatments and decide what is best for your skin.
  • Helps you avoid the frustration of ineffective skincare purchases.
  • Continues to monitor your skin, marking advances and making the right changes to your regimen.
  • Creates treatments offering a pampering and relaxing experience while providing the healthiest, freshest skin.

Skin Care Specialist in the South Puget Sound

As a licensed esthetician, Rachel Nelson has fourteen years of experience providing professional skin care services in the South Puget Sound.  Rachel graduated from the Euro Institute of Skin Care in 2002 and she strives to provide services that meet the needs and goals of her clients while creating the healthiest skin possible.  She specializes in holistic practices for effective changes in skin health and appearance. She uses high quality skincare products, a variety of massage techniques and advanced therapies to create healthy and glowing skin. Most recently, she has begun work as a consultant and trainer in the skincare industry.

She continues her ongoing education each year through advanced esthetic training programs and national esthetic conventions.  She is constantly striving to be on the cutting edge of skin care best practices, and takes full advantage of professional memberships with the Associated Skin Care Professionals (ASCP),  Aesthetics International Association (AIA) and National Coalition or Esthetic and Related Associations (NCEA). She is now also a member of the International Association for Applied Corneotherapy (IAC).