Lash and Brow Enhancement

Lash and Brow Enhancement Studio

Lash and Brow TintingLash and brow tinting is a safe way to add color to the hair in your eyelashes and eyebrows.  We use a semi-permanent vegetable dye deemed safe for use around the eyes. A variety of colors are available to enhance color for each individual.  Color may last for up to 6 weeks.

Expert Brow & Lash Tinting

All our tints are used expertly to enhance color.  Clients with lighter hair color especially can enjoy the benefit of enhanced color to the brows and lashes with tinting.  However, even darker haired individuals enjoy our brow and lash tinting service.  Regular exposure to light and skincare products can lighten the brows and tips of the lashes.

Tinting reveals the full length and thickness of the hair to our advantage.