Blue LED Light Therapy

Blue LED Light Therapy by Purely Skin

Blue LED Light Therapy is an anti-bacterial treatment used to treat acneic skin. This technology uses a specific range of light to target the bacteria thriving in acneic skin and cause its destruction. With a reduction in infection, the body can quickly heal the acne. For this reason, Blue LED Light Therapy is often used in conjunction with Red LED Light Therapy. The two treatments are complimentary.

Blue LED Acne Treatment


Does LED Light Therapy Work?

“Blue LED Light Therapy aides in the successful treatment of acneic skin.”

Red and Blue LED Light Therapy have been studied extensively. There are many published studies showing results with this technology. Your skin is the true test of this treatment. Does Blue LED Light Therapy work? After seven years of using this treatment, Purely Skin considers it an effective and non-injury treatment of the skin.