Advanced Skin Treatments

Professional Skin Care by Purely Skin

The professional skin care offered at Purely Skin is founded on fifteen years of experience and ongoing education.  The health and wellness of your skin is our priority.  Healthy, balanced skin gives the radiant glow that everyone desires.

Our skin treatments focus on boosting the skin to its optimal function. The professional skin care products we’ve chosen to use in our skin treatments fall in line with this goal and help us make changes in the skin where needed. We are proud to introduce Dermaviduals skincare from Germany. This high tech skincare line is a powerful tool completely customizable for each client to receive the greatest benefit. Combined with our high tech facials, we give you results.

“We combine progressive skincare products with progressive treatments like LED Light Therapy and Microcurrent that allow us to boost the skin toward health quickly and effectively.”




Advanced Skin Treatments That Work

Very often, facial treatments are based on a pleasurable and relaxing experience combined with guesswork. Unfortunately, this leads to less than desirable results. At Purely Skin, we take the guesswork out of your skin treatments by using an Advanced Skin Analysis program.

This one-hour appointment is a comprehensive review of your skin.  We will evaluate your skin by touch and feel and support it with visual readings using a Wood’s Lamp. We utilize skin treatments also include physical readings with skin scanner. Together, we gather information about your lifestyle, history, and current use of supplements, medication and skincare products.

We then guide you toward the results you’d like to see in your skin both with suggestions for skincare products, a course of professional skin care treatments, and lifestyle.

How Advanced Skin Care changes the skin for visible and measurable results.

Advanced Skin Treatments include progressive tools such as LED Light Therapy (also known as LED Photomodulation), Microcurrent, Dermaplaning, CryoClear, Microdermabrasion, and Sculplla.  These tools truly advance your skin to a new level.  The “high touch” of an experienced esthetician is not to be left out.  The correct choice of products and use of massage technique only aids in furthering your results.